Private First Class Sergio G Moya


Sergio G Moya was born on 1917 in San Fransisco, California. His father Jesus Moya was a part of revolutionaries Mexican. In front of horrors of the war, he left Mexico for San Fransisco to base his family. He was a hairdresser. His mother, Maria Moya had an business of fur coat.

After his schooling, Sergio worked for Metal & Thermit Corporation in South San Francisco, California up until 1942. Then, he made a commitment in the US Army or he went volunteer for the paratrooper.

Sergio Moya will join Company E of the 2nd Battalion of the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment.

He would die on June 6th, 1944 during the night of D-Day.

He was in a C-47 N ° 66. The plane was shot down by the German flak. During some minutes, the plane stayed as it was flying before going down the ground. It then crashed over a hedge close to Ste Mère Eglise. The plane burned during 3 days, the freed up heat prevented whoever from coming close. Then, they dug the site and only found still closed belts of parachutes which proved that no one had time to escape, they also found crickets, a ring and a watch with needles stuck at 01:12 time and "dog-tags". Among the rubble, they found a flattened helmet due to the crash.

The leftovers would be buried in a cemetery of Ste Mère Eglise.

Afterwards, his corpse would be brought home on March 27th, 1951 to Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery, in St Louis, Missouri.


Sergio with her mother and her sister =>


=> The family with 1936 in front of the construction of Golden Gate

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