Major John T Davis














John T Davis was born March 16, 1915 in Rockwood, Tennessee. He was killed January 8, 1945 during the Battle of the Bulge.
John is the son of John Ryland Davis and Aetna Dora Baker. The family has two children. John to a sister.

He initially went to study engineering in a September 1933 at Georgia Tech in Atlanta before attending military school from 1935 to 1939 at the Academy at West Point.

On June 14, 1939, he married Maria Louisa Morello its Dona 3 children, two boys and a girl.
During the war, John T Davis, with the rank of Major is Executive Officer for 3rd Battalion, 507th PIR. During the Normandy campaign, Lt.Col. William Kuhn had completely misses his jump, breaking his collarbone. General Gavin given command of 3rd Battalion, 507th PIR to Major John Davis.

John participated in the Normandy campaign but also in the countryside of the Ardennes He was killed in the attack from Hill 500 near the village of Laval in German hands.
After his battalion I took the heights of Cote 500, Major Davis chose to locate its headquarters in the old positions of the Germans. The day was just beginning to rise that high concentration of enemy artillery fell in 15 minutes on the group as suspicious e have before it had finished digging his positions. 5 officers and 27 men were killed or wounded, the Major Davis

Major John T Davis buried in the cemetery at West Point.