. 326TH AEB .




    The 326th was created the 23 of July 1918 as an element of the 101st division. The 11 December of this same year, it was disbanded.

The company has been re-informed the 24 of June 1921 as an Engineer Battalion. His training took place at Milwaukee in Wisconsin.

The 31 of March 1942, the Unit has been designated as an Airborne Engineer Battalion (AEB) and activated at Clairborne Camp in Louisiana. Later the battalion has been moved to Fort Bragg in North Carolina with the rest of the 101st on the 29 of September 1942. The battalion took part to all training and maneuver of the division.

On the 5th of September 1943 after his departure from New York the 326th landed to Liverpool from a ship named HMS Samaria. After this long crossing the company had to take the train to Basildon Park near Reading in Berkshire. Under orders of lieutenant colonel John Pappas, the battalion began target practice, gilder flight, physical and technical training.


<-Lt. Col. John Pappas     Lt. Col. Hugh A. Mozley->

The 326th took part to the airborne invasion in Normandy. Lieutenant Colonel John Pappas died during the fight on the 13 of June 1944. He was replaced by Major Hugh A. Mozley who assumed the command during MARKET GARDEN operation and Bastogne siege.


The 326th was finally disbanded the 30 of November 1945 in Germany.


Bastogne on the 27 of December 1944 Pioneer: pioneer group of company B.

From left to rignt: Joe Halderman, unknow, Landery

On the bottom: unknow, Packy and John Tocco.



Awards & decorations


United States :

2 Presidential Distinguished Unit Citations for operations in Normandie and Bastogne

France :

War Cross with palms for the Normandy operation

Belgium :

2 War Cross and Lanyard for the Bastogne operations

Holland :

Lanyard Oranje from the Netherlands for the operation Market Garden